Would you like to be a Firefighter?

At some point of time in a little boyís life, this is something heíll want to be when he grows up Ė the whole idea of the firefighterís uniform, his hat, that red truck he rides in and of course the magic of that big hose full of powerful gushing water seems so adventurous when one is young. But truth be told, is this a profession that you would opt for when you grow older? Itís a tough question to answer in the affirmative because itís a tough job. Youíll never know how tough till youíve been there, done that.

Letís look at it from another angle. Remember when your heart kind of overflowed with a great sense of joy when you did something sweet and good for someone? Well, that nice, warm, mushy glow of charity is many times multiplied when you are a firefighter. Because itís not just something sweet you do Ė itís the joy of saving lives. Of course at great peril and hardship to yourself Ė but that perhaps is what makes it even more poignant and touching.

Now for a practical take on firefighting as a profession. Letís face the fact that it is extremely dangerous. Not to mention stressful. However, for most people, once they try it and the firefighter bug has bitten, thereís no turning back. The first fire and they know that things will never be the same for them again and even the ones who do leave feel that the time there has left an indelible mark on them. Itís not about the money because while it is a decent wage, it is not spectacular. It is about the dedication, the zeal, the teamwork and most of all, the saving of lives, of homes, of belongings.

If you want a stress-free job, this isnít the place to be. But if you want a job that is fulfilling, hereís where to find it. There will be situations that stretch your nerves to the limit, there will be sleepless nights but at the end of it all, there will be the satisfaction of having put your life on the line and done your best for your fellowmen. Never mind if itís dark, itís freezing, itís the middle of the night. When you get that distress call, you have to go. This isnít for the fainthearted or the ones who like a safe existence. It can also take its toll health-wise Ė all that smoke and heat and there are deaths due to injury. There is also the case of being poisoned with those noxious chemicals when things burn and for a fireman, this doesnít stop him from plunging in and trying to put out the fire. It really is an all or nothing situation when there is a raging fire.

So, you should ask yourself if you can handle all this before you say Yes to becoming a firefighter. It isnít easy but if you are the kind for whom service beyond the call of duty appeals, hereís where youíll find your heartís desire. Yes, for someone like you, it would be great to be a firefighter.