What Do You Need To Become A Firefighter?

If your career preference is to become a firefighter, then you must be aware of some tests that are mandatory for you to clear. Some of the tests are normal to most careers like health check-ups, background checks, the application process and a physical to ensure you are fit. But for a firefighterís job there are some specific tests to be done and these are country specific too. Each place has its own identity in terms of geography, forestation and urbanization and so each firefighting department must be such that they cater to the areaís individual requirements. Once the formalities are done with, you are sent to the fire training academy for your training. This is very important because you have your life and the lives of others for which you are directly responsible.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you are keen to become a firefighter. Starting with the application where there are criminal record checks and a background check that is done to ensure you are a responsible citizen with a clean history. There have been cases when arsonists have started out as firefighters. A physical is next in line as you must be fit to deal with the demands of firefighting and then a psychological test follows to ensure that you have the mental strength to deal with the inevitable stress. With all this clear and behind you, you go to the next step of learning the basics of how to be a good firefighter and for this you go to the academy for fire training.

The academy teaches its recruits about fire and the different techniques involved in fighting various types of fire. There are various rescue procedures, some of which are quite complicated and there are different types of equipment about which you must know. But other than the technical aspects of firefighting, what is more important is the behavior on the scene of a fire and the science behind fires.

If you donít know what a fire is all about then you donít know how to fight it properly. A fire follows a course based on its location and how it started. Depending on this data, you take the right measures to put it out. Once you get trained, you go on to work in a fire department as a rookie fire fighter. Most times this is without pay while you are training, but once you show your ability to become a full fledged fighter, then depending on the need they will take you on fulltime. There may be times when you have to wait till a vacancy opens up because there may be a waiting list for professional firefighters waiting to join full time.

With the application under your belt and the training done, you are a certified firefighter. But your most important qualities are the ones inside you which no school can teach. A firefighter needs a lot positive traits like patience, dedication, honesty and a genuine love for the job you are doing. If you have all of the above you can confidently say that you are the right person for the job and you can prove that you are right by being good at it too.