The Firefighter's Nature

Who really are firefighters? Those masked faces and those hands that pull people out of all sorts of life-threatening predicaments. We always look at our firefighters as regular human beings who are doing a necessary public service for our community but there are all sorts of necessary aspects of their nature that help them do their job. What are those things that make a firefighter a hero, an efficient savoir?

Well, there are some main traits that they possess, like being honest with themselves and the world around them, to being resourceful, tough, flexible and motivated. In fact, a lot of what it takes to be a firefighter comes from inside and not from what we can easily see.

To be honest with yourself is quite a hard trait to find. People who lie to themselves about their abilities, and refuse to accept their weaknesses often stumble over lifeís obstacles. This would happen to just anyone. A firefighter, however, in a life or death situation knows that you canít make too many mistakes. And youthful exuberance and arrogance has no place in these situations as they can cause more harm than be helpful. And yes, he would have to accept his limitations and know that even superheroes canít save everyone. It is a hard fact of life and you need to be honest enough to accept it. No matter how hard it is.

Being honest with yourself lasts you whole life, and then thereís honesty amongst others. Trust is more than necessary with all those people who you work with everyday. Your life depends upon them, and as importantly, their lives depend upon you. The responsibility that comes with that is not something that you can easily shrug off. It is very real.

Now a firefighter is also resourceful. There are times when youíd be confronted with situations when all the tools you have arenít adequate. Here your toughness would also be tested. A good firefighter would keep calm, and improvise with what is available. You need to think fast and your knowledge and imagination would provide you with ways out.

You would also need to be flexible. Firefighting often goes beyond working hours. There arenít many firemen who would stick to other plans, rather than fight a blaze thatís been burning for days. You can imagine how many weddings and birthdays youíd miss. And then again, anyone with a right mind would understand what your job is.

And then there is motivation. This job is hard. It is tougher than most. And youíd need a lot of motivation to wake up every time and know what you have to confront. Some days may be easier than others. Some would not. And this isnít a job that you can do with half a heart. Know where you get your motivation from, most firefighters run on a sense of duty. You should know your self.

These are just some of the few traits you need as a firefighter. Yet without honesty, none of the other traits have any foundation to last on. You are not doing this for the cameras. You are not doing this to prove something to someone. You are doing this because you have to.

And you need to know who you are before you decide to leap into the flames.