Planning A Successful Fire Escape For Your Home

Fires can't always be preventable. You would need smoke detectors. And even if you have one, you still need to have an adequate escape route from any fire threat in your home. And when you do, it would be a good idea if you could get yourself and your loved ones to rehearse fire drills, at least 3-4 times a year.

According to statistics, over 4,000 people die in fires in their homes. So this isn't something to take likely. When planning your escape route, you need to understand certain factors. One of them is time. And it is against you. You would have to get out as soon as you can, and keep moving. Don't waste time in picking up, or looking for any material objects, life has more value by itself.

Now it would be a good idea to educate and inform your children about fire safety. Include them with the planning, so they can get more accustomed to what is right and what is wrong. Cover each room of the house in your escape plan, so you and your children can be more accustomed to the layout of the house and can react faster. You should also keep in mind that you would have to do a trial in every room in the house, simply because fires can break out anywhere.

Teach your children to crawl when exiting the home. The lack of oxygen, and the prevalence of smoke, would kill you faster than you'd think, and there's more oxygen closer to the floor. The other thing to note is that you'd have very little visibility thanks to the smoke.

You would have to educate your children about the harmful affects of smoke and make sure they don't breathe too deeply.

Remember to touch any closed door or doorknob with your bare hands to feel for heat. If it is hot, then there's a fire on the other side. If it's not hot, than you can move through. Remember, that if you open any door without checking for heat, then you have made a fatal mistake. When you open a door of a room on fire, you unleash a wave of oxygen that would feed the fire within that room, and that fire spreads and blasts across. Teach your children about all of this.

You should also teach them to use a collapsible ladder, and teach them to open the windows and the screens properly. Inaccessible windows with safety bars serve a different safety purpose for children, but could prove fatal in case of a fire. Now it is important that you can teach them how to exit windows as such, attentively and carefully. The windows with safety bars need to have quick release handles on them, and to get to the window, your children should have access to any kind of furniture that they can push and climb onto.

Remember, to explain it carefully to them.

Now once, you and your family have made it outside, and clear of the fire, you need to choose a perfect rendezvous point. And this IS VERY IMPORTANT. Too many people, who have escaped a fiery inferno, have rushed back into a blaze for they think that someone they love may still be inside. Even if they weren't, and were merely at the other side, unaware that the person who went in looking for them, might just lose their own life. There are quite a few fatalities and cruel fates as such, and it is avoidable, especially if everyone knows where to meet.

All your hard work of planning the right route out, would be rendered useless without the last point. Now all you need to do is practice. And be prepared.