Fighting Fire With A Smoke Alarm

No one really needs to tell you that you would need a smoke alarm in your home. Some times, fires can rage and burn in rooms where you aren't even present and you might take a while to realize it. By that time, it might just be too late, and it would rage further and cause more damage.

A smoke alarm would make sure that that shouldn't happen. It is one of the better warning systems to ensure that you can sleep peacefully. Statistics showed that most deaths by fire occurred when the victim was asleep. A good alarm would alert you of any possible fire, allowing you to get out, and at the same time, contact the fire department faster.

And time is of the essence. The quicker you realise there's a fire, the more time you have to get out. The quicker fire department realizes there's a fire, the quicker they'd arrive. Time can prevent further damage to your home and property. And yes, to the lives of everyone.

You can get good smoke detectors from some fire departments. They would assist you with installation and usage. Or you can purchase them at hardware stores or merchandise stores. Smoke detectors need to be installed and properly maintained. Test your alarm at least once a month to ensure the battery is still good enough. If your alarm malfunctions on a frequent basis, you may want to get a better one. Those that are battery-operated are more useful when there's a power cut, as they would still be functional. Some alarms, however, are hooked up to your electrical supply.

Now, smoke is the principal cause of death in a fire, more than the fire itself. Most individuals die of asphyxiation before even being burnt. They would suffocate as the fire would consume most of the oxygen and leave nothing but smoke. There's a further risk if you are sleeping. The fire can be burning for quite a while and you can inhale quite a lot of smoke before you realise you need to get out. By that time, there'd be so much smoke in your home that it becomes so dark that you would barely be able to see. The best thing to do would be to stay closer towards the floor as this is where most of the oxygen might still be. Without oxygen you can also become disoriented and weak, incapable of movement. Some people were found right by their doors but got so disoriented, they never even knew how close they were.

You just need to take a smoke alarm warning seriously, it is a life saving device whose usefulness can't be emphasized anymore. Most smoke alarms cost about $15. That is still more than affordable as it would help you prevent any further damage, and loss of property in your home. If you have a smoke alarm in every bedroom, living room and even the kitchen, you can have a further sense of security.

Fire isn't always preventable. Yet death and damage is. And a smoke alarm is something that knows that.