Children And Fire, A Deadly Combination

There are quite a few governing authorities and public services that are trying to educate people on the risks they face from fire outbreaks. A fire has the ability to start from almost anything, both man-made or of natural causes. And with the right combination of combustible materials around it can be almost uncontrollable and it can spread instantly. You'd need to fire proof your home, to reduce risks, and know that there are ways to keep yourself and your children safe.

And yes, especially your children.

Now do you know that one of the main causes of fire caused by children is due to matches and lighters? Yes, too many children have learnt how to use them and a child's curiosity is boundless. Most incidents involving fire and children lead to quite a few accidents. The first thing for you to do would be to make it impossible for them to acquire matches and lighters. Keep them in locked cabinets and don't be careless by keeping them lying around.

If your child begins to develop an interest in setting things on fire, then you'd need to take them for counseling sessions. Many cases of arson caused by young teenagers have shown that they developed an interest in fire at a very young age.

You should educate your child on the danger of fire and also teach them how to react if a fire starts. They often hide when faced with fires, rather than escape. And yes, most fatalities of younger children are those that were found to be hiding under beds, sofas, or in closets. Try practicing fire drills, some 3 - 4 times a year, so you can encourage the right reaction into your child's mind. Practice would allow them to feel more confident and familiar about what to do. Now, there's another thing to keep in mind. If your child causes the fire, he may hide out of fear of the consequences, and not follow the drill. So you should make sure that all explanations are given diligently.

Teach your children about fire and the damage that it can do, and make sure you permit them to develop a respect for fire and for fire safety as well. Teach them about the, "Stop, Drop, and Roll" if their clothes catch on fire. Their natural tendency would be to run and panic. Yet, you should teach them to stop where they are, drop to the ground, cover their face, and roll repeatedly until the flames are out. Yet this is a scenario that is better avoidable.

It would be better to always guarantee that there is a responsible adult or teenager around your child. Children should not ever be left alone, since most serious accidents occur when children are left by themselves. And even if they do occur, the chances of tragedy are higher when they're left alone.

Now another major cause of fire is when children get too curious about open flames, heaters, or burners, and their clothing catches fire. There are many concerned parties that have tried to warn parents that some of the materials that their children wear are not flame retardant. You should read the labels and know about the materials that your children wear. Certain materials catch fire and spread quicker than other materials. In the 1970s, there was a law that was passed that dealt with this issue. Before this law, the fatalities of children in fires, thanks to certain sleeping garments were tragically too high. After the law, child-deaths were lowered by around 90%. Yes, such a simple thing as clothing is a detail that can save thousands of lives. And there is no horror that amounts to the pain and tragedy than the death of a child, and all these little details help you avoid those horrible catastrophes. After all, you are their protectors.